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Keeping an open heart is not just for Valentines day!

Keeping the space in our chest open and spacious is important for many reasons. There are just as many reasons why it is closed in the first place.

Our daily activities of slouching over a computer with our heads forward is the most obvious problem in our lives today. Reading books, watching TV, any activity where you are not focusing on your positioning, can be an issue for closing in the heart center.

With that being said almost all our activities are forward focused, unless we are working for Cirque du soleil.

In this fast-paced world we live in, we may find we are literally trying to stay ahead of ourselves,  leading with our heads and closing down and restricting our chests.

Stress also plays a huge roll in the restriction to our heart center. Closing down the chest, rolling in the shoulders, which is followed by shallow breathing --  all  these factors restrict our heart center.

Emotional pain also closes us down and in to protect our hearts.
So how do we correct this?

Well, awareness is a powerful tool in itself. Just reading this article and realizing your habits and patterns and making small corrections will start to help right away!

Most people complain of pain in their necks and shoulders not a closed heart center. The good news is, opening up the heart center will relieve your neck and shoulder pain as well! Use an inflatable 6' to 8' ball to free restrictions, starting at the pelvis and working your way up the front of the body in a specific 'unlocking' order freeing the front,and sides first, where the tightness is originating from and then address  the back and neck. This is the best way to empower yourself by alleviating nagging discomfort in your neck and shoulders and opening up the space and freeing your heart center too!

Learning these techniques is life-changing and so beneficial to not only your heart center but also your breathing capacity, organ health, creating room and realigning space inside your torso for the organs to function more fully and properly.

Our rib cage and spine becomes rigid and calcified in unnatural positions ultimately restricting range of motion in our torso and shoulder joints. This will wear out the discs in our spine, and deteriorate cartilage  in our shoulders and close down our heart center. It's hard to be open to the world if you literally can't open your heart.

Usually these restriction happen so gradually you don't even realize it. It kind of sneaks up on you, then your body starts sending signals, usually in the form of pain. If you can realize the problem and release the restrictions before the pain you will be ahead of the game.

Open your hearts and have a great Valentines Day!

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