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Simply put, Patti is a miracle worker. After being told by two neurosurgeons that the only possible relief from my back pain, weakness, tingling and numbness in my left leg and foot, I looked for another answer. Fortunately, I was led to Patti. Today, a few months later, I’m able to do things I haven’t been able to do in years. Her process includes teaching and providing you with the tools necessary to integrate her methods in your daily life. When Patti explained her process, I was skeptical that she could have me achieve the levels of flexibility, strength, pain management she believed possible. She was right and she is a miracle worker. I’m playing golf pain free for the first time in years. Also, playing basketball and tennis with my grandkids. And just had my first hole in one – 188 yards, 5 iron. Hitting the ball further and with more accuracy; swinging freely for a change. Do yourself a favor; stop living in pain. Make the commitment with Patti and it will change your life.

Michael Egan

April 2021

I started working with Patti mid-way through 2019 at the recommendation of Paul and Nancy Vance.  I train Jiu-Jitsu with Paul and Nancy is my physician.


I came to Patti with the intention to increase my flexibility and decrease the pain in my body.  And, there was ALOT of accumulated pain.  Many years of athletics and mountaineering had taken their toll.  Also, at the tender age 55 I am on a quest to be a black belt in the martial art of Jiu-Jitsu by 62.  The self-defense and grappling art where submissions are achieved through joint locks and chokes places significant stress and strain on the body.


Patti assured me that I can be "pain-free."  And, for the most part, I am.  It's a work in progress, and having Patti on my team is a blessing.  Her optimism and gentle rigor are inspiring.  I am grateful for the progress we've made together.


If you are middle-aged and want to stay active but your joint (or other) pain is holding you back, I encourage you to work with Patti.


David Langiulli, Master 6, Blue Belt, Lightweight World Master Jiu-Jitsu Champion.

testimonial picture.jpg

Patti has changed my life! She has helped me eliminate PAIN.


Before Patti, I was in pain on a daily basis, but I had learned to live with it. I blamed it on my active lifestyle, work, life stress and anxiety or maybe it was just in my head. In the last year, I started to think maybe something was seriously wrong with me. The migraines were more intense, tinitus in my ear more frequent, periods more painful, proctalgia episodes more frequent, anxiety was through the roof. I went to a number of doctors and did many tests and all was good! Except my Thermograpy Report. It showed the pain I had was myofascial  in nature and it was bad. I was surprised to learn this was the result of not managing my physical and emotional stress. I make holistic choices when possible, so I felt I had tried everything. But when a good friend recommended Patti, I was willing to give it a try. It sounded exactly like what I needed and I had not heard anything like it before.


I am so glad I took the leap. The first session made an inpact. I saw results immediatly. After working with Patti for months, my pain is going away! Migraines, period pain, proctalgia, scar tissue pain, trigger point pain, all have been relieved by what Patti's program and what she has taught me. When I do experience any pain, I know what to do and how to relieve it. That is one if the best tools Patti has given me, the power to fix myself. Another added benefit is that by doing my program on a daily basis, I feel calmer and experience less anxiety.


Patti is a wonderful trainer, she is patient, kind and shows true concern. I would recommend her to anyone in pain. She can help!! It's worth the time and effort.

Andria H.
Naples, FL
July 2019

We have been Patti’s clients since 2003. Originally, Lorri sought relief from neck, shoulder, and lower back pain stemming from occupational and posture related issues. Patti created an individualized approach to help relieve discomfort, increase flexibility and improve strength. The active therapy sessions of Yamuna ball rolling and active isolated stretching gave Lorri the reassurance she needed to help heal herself.


I have also become more aware of what I have the potential to do rather than restrict myself by age, arthritic and accident limitations. Perhaps like others, I feel the realities of joint compression, muscle / tendon shrinkage along with unbalanced movement. As important as Patti’s knowledge is, her heartfelt concern for me and Lorri really made a positive difference. Through her expert instruction and guidance Patti enabled me to empower myself. Because of her help and encouragement my body moves with grace rather than pain.


Bill and Lorri Hoffman

July 2019

Patti is truly a treasure. I’ve tolerated intermittent knee pain for decades, thinking the things I do that most would agree to be healthy had no detrimental affect on my knees. As a former college football player turned competitive body builder turned Jiu Jitsu student, I had assumed for years knee pain would be the norm for the rest of my life’s athletic endeavors. Not only does she completely alleviate my knee pain in just a few hours, she more importantly teaches this fairly intelligent, fairly athletic and fairly thoughtful goofball the fundamental errors in my physical routine and how the counter the painful consequences should I choose to continue my errors (which I usually do). She even taught me at the age of 44 how to walk properly 🤔

Paul Vance

Naples, FL

June 2019

For the past three years I have had debilitating chronic pain in my lower back and legs, and bursitis in my hips. It is impossible for me to remember how many doctors, physical therapists, osteopaths and other types of experts I consulted with. I also endured many cortisone shots, blocks, prolotherapy and PRP injections in the hope of getting relief of the never ending pain. No-one could help me figure out the driving force for the pain and my leg length discrepancy and raised and tilted left hip. 


In November after meeting with a neuro surgeon, I began to believe that surgery was my only option, but I was going to have to wait till the spring, and after my three month stay in Naples. Thinking about how I was going to endure three more painful months, led me to an internet to search for alternative chronic pain relief.  I consider myself to be the luckiest person to have stumbled on Patti’s website. One of the MD’s I had seen had told me I ought to try myofascial release therapy, and I had had the idea floating around in my head, but I had never heard of any practitioners in Montreal (where i live) offering this type of therapy. I decided to give it a try after an encouraging conversation with Patti. 


I met with Patti in mid December and when she took a look at my body and its imbalances and compensatory movement patterns she told me with a calm confidence, “I see this all the time, don’t think you’re that special”!! I have to admit I was skeptical at the onset that I could benefit from rolling on balls. We met up every week until I had to return back home at the end of March and after around three weeks in I started to notice less pain, and increased mobility and agility in my body. I looked forward to every session and all that I would learn about the body and the intricacies of how everything connects. Patti is an incredible motivator, educator and is kind and compassionate. She was always available to me in between sessions to offer encouragement and support. I was really sad to say good-bye to Patti, and I continue to be in touch with her to talk about my progress. Getting out of chronic pain is a journey I am still on, but thanks to Patti I now have a toolbox to turn to as way to manage myofascial tension and chronically tight muscles. I no longer think about surgery as I know that all the compression is my back and my imbalances stem from myofascial tension. I highly recommend, for anyone with chronic pain anywhere in their body, to consult and work with Patti. 

Marla Oksenberg

Montreal, Canada

May 2019

I have worked with Patti for some time and I found her to be very professional and dedicated to always helping her clients to the best of her ability. She encouraged me to take videos of each session so that I would be able to review and continue on my own.

Her method of using the balls works really well and my overall physical health improved dramatically. Also, she was always happy to help me between sessions if I had some emergency problem come up.

I would be happy to recommend Patti to anyone interested in improving their health.

Tom Ross     

Naples, FL

October 2018

Patti has transformed my life!  


Pain is a great motivator and having suffered sleepless nights being woken up by pain, I finally called Patti who has changed my life. Her personal one on one tuition has allowed focus on my specific issues and I am amazed at how fast results have been achieved. Her methods give you the tools to be pain free for life.


One of the most helpful thing she does is have you make a video of the ‘correct’ way to roll when working on a specific area and includes all the little details which make a huge difference to the results. The videos allow you to roll  along with them or (once you know the routine) give a great referral back for specific details to deal with any particular problem area. Initially it is hard work to loosen up years of tight fascia and muscles but if you are disciplined and roll daily, the results are truly awesome.


It is amazing to see how quickly your body can change after years of bad posture and it is so easy to forget how good it feels to be pain free and able to move with ease. I cannot thank Patti’s enough and am forever grateful for the gift of being healthy once again and giving me the tools to remain so for life!



Naples, FL

April 2018

I’ve gone from feeling like a painful locked up block of concrete to a flexible Gumby due to Patti! Her techniques and intuitive approach are like no other (literally no one knows how or does what she does!) she explains, shows and takes videos so you know what to do. I learned everything -bought every ball or helpful tool she uses and each morning I brush my teeth and then “roll out all my nightly pain and kinks!”

I originally thought once I saw Patti for a while I would be “fixed” but she taught me it’s a way of life not a destination and each person needs to take responsibility and “do the work” for themselves.

I see it as either a life of pain or a life of flexibility and ease based on my commitment to the rolling, stretching and strengthening -what will you choose?


Lyn Harris

Fort Myers, FL

May 2018

Patti connects the dots and offers healing where doctors, physical therapists and even practices like yoga, fall short (and I am a yoga teacher who understands proper alignment, but even so, core muscles cannot function when they are inaccessible due to tight fascia, adhesions and entrenched dysfunctional body compensations). 

I went to her with chronic lower back problems that were preventing me from standing, walking, dancing or even practicing yoga.  All I could do, without pain, was sit.  As we've worked together over the past several months, I am literally taller and can breathe easier because of lengthening and freeing up constricted connective tissue!  My insides have more space, so my organs are functioning better.  My movement is much freer, I'm finally able to walk without pain, and I'm still a work-in-progress!  


Amy Torres ॐ

Being a newly licensed massage therapist, I quickly learned that if I didn’t get serious about healing my own body, I would only be able to work in my field and facilitate the healing of others for a very short time. My wrists were not handling the stress that was being placed upon them, and it seemed that no amount of care to them was making any difference. When I met Patti I learned something that I did not learn in school: that the body has a natural pathway of tension and pain, working with gravity—indicating that the pain in my forearms was most likely the culmination of all the tension in my body, possibly even stemming from tightness in my feet.

Patti’s body rolling routine follows this natural pathway of pain, eliminating tension in a sequence that makes sense to the body, getting to the root of the problems, and offering lasting relief. It is by no means easy or painless but pushing through the pain and getting to the other side has been the best decision I’ve ever made.

Her philosophy of “helping others to help themselves” is that of a truly genuine, caring, and loving therapist, and has inspired me to follow the same philosophy within my own career.

With the 70+ hours of work I have done on myself thus far, I would have spent well over $5,000 to achieve the same results with being worked on by another therapist. This program is the investment of a lifetime. If you are serious about healing your body and eradicating your pain once and for all, this is the way.



Naples, FL

November 2018

About 10 years ago I had a tennis related injury to my knee and was unable to squat. Since I was planning a pretty active trip to Peru, a friend recommended Patti Reed to me for therapy. Little did I know that therapy is still going on! Yes, my knee is fine and I can squat and bend. But what I did not know was that the learning curve of living in a better body was to become a trajectory.

Patti's quest for knowledge and understanding of the human condition, physical, emotional and spiritual, has formed her therapies and I have been a beneficiary. She uses multi-modalities to improve function as well as instructional, participation classes to help us help ourselves. I have a much greater awareness of what is going on when my body parts are talking to me. I also know how to help myself to promote a "fix", thanks to Patti's attention to explain how to help yourself part of our appointments.

I am so happy to have met Patti as a therapist and friend. The learning continues, thank goodness! I encourage anyone who is in pain to put themselves in the very competent hands of Patti Reed. She is committed to helping all of us when we ask.


Theresa Garlock

Naples, FL

Patti is amazing! For many years, I regularly needed manipulation of my spine to alleviate back pain. Since working with Patti, I have needed no adjustments! Pain free!


Don Owens

I met Patti several years ago when she helped me with a problem in my shoulder. That turned out to be the least of my problems! Patti ‘unwound’ me from my toes to my head, but more importantly, she put a tool into my hand that i could use at home to help myself: a ball. That ball changed my life. As time went by, I noticed small changes in my posture and the way I carried my body. Eventually, the pain in my shoulder disappeared.


Today, I am (pretty much) pain-free, and I feel better than I did 20 years ago! Whenever I have a pain, I know how to work the ball into my joints and muscles to open them up and allow them to move more freely. But more importantly, I know how to prevent most of the restrictions that cause the pain in the first place! 


As a postscript, I was so convinced that this revolutionary way of working the body is essential for everyone from young people to the elderly, that I became Yamuna-certified myself. 

Thank you, Patti!! 


Marilyn Brautigam

I bought a pair of Patti's nubby half foot balls to work on the numbness in the toes of my right foot. I had been wearing an orthodic for what the Podiatrist called a Mortons neuroma. By simply pressing into the ball with my right toes much of the acute numbness was relieved but it would return in 24 hours. However, last week I had the availability to be in Patti's in class again and she took us thru an actual foot work out with them in which we also stood upon them and rolled our feet from the center to the outer edges several times.


Well it's a week later and my numbness has still not returned to my my toes! WHAT AN EXTRAORDINARY FEELING to have my RT toes back again after so many years!!! BRAVO PATTI & HAIL THIS LIFE CHANGING WORK! I THANK YOU & MY SOLES THANK YOU!


Carolyn "Amala" Viola, Vocal Artist/Teacher

I would like to take this opportunity to say that Patti Reed has shown me a way to better care for my body. She has great analytical skills to get to the heart of the discomfort and to work through to showing me a new set of stretches and skills to keep the discomfort in check.The ball rolling has been incredible for relieving muscular issues and allowing for greater movement. 

I love the classes and find laughing my way to better health while learning how to care for myself. I recommend both private sessions as well as class time to continue on the path to maintaining better posture and alignment.


Theresa Herms

Naples, FL

I have been with Patti over a year and a half. During that time I credit Patti with being the major reason that I have really improved my conditioning and flexibility and improved my overall fitness. Patti was able to assess my condition and address my “issues”. She has moved me along and helps me progress with a constant mixture of new exercises and stretches to keep me flexible and pain free.

 She is focused and consistent with fixing my tightness and/or pain. Her professionalism, commitment and knowledge is outstanding and drives me to focus both during and outside our sessions.

Patti is a real pro and everyone should have Patti in their life.


Valerie Sauber

Bonita Springs, FL

Patti was recommended to me following a hip replacement, when I was searching for a way to regain overall fitness after years of pain and inactivity. I got more than I bargained for: not only are her methods effective, but they also serve as tools that can be used wherever I am, to dispel minor aches and pains that could become major. Her specific diagnosis methods zero in on areas of physical weakness in one's body structure and posture. Her enthusiasm and positive attitude help with healing. All 4 Fitness/Intuitive Movement is the best insurance I have to strengthen my current condition and prevent future physical problems.


Carol Glassman

Marco Island, FL

This past year I started Body Rolling with Patti.

I was so impressed with my very first class that I purchased all the Body Rolling Balls and now am addicted to Body Rolling. Body Rolling with Patti is a complete workout for the whole body and mind. The results are immediate and long lasting. Patti gives clear and easy to follow instruction and she is very hands on to each individual in the class.

For me meeting Patti and attending her classes have been one of the best things I have ever done for myself, body and mind.

I encourage everyone to come join us for a Body Rolling class and have a ball!


Connie Myers

Loved the class last night Patti- I always benefit from any hip opening stretches like most people do. I kind of feel like a screaming baby that finally gets soothed by his bottle! I hurry to class and unroll my mat-precisly place my balls to my left and then lay down for a minute and just take a deep inhale-then exhale and all is better---your class is beginning and now I am already feeling better and its only been 10 min. into the class. Its like freekin MAGIC!! Thanks- about to get on my balls now-and breathe.

Love to you my dear-


Naples, FL

Recently, I developed back and hip issues. After seeing a chiropractor 4 times and receiving no relief, I was sent to Patti Reed for her ball rolling treatment. Although I could explain the theory behind the practice, that is not my job at this time. My job is to express the incredible relief that I had after one session.

Our work is not finished and I still have quite a bit of stretching of muscles, ligaments and fascia, but the fact that I am not in constant pain is like a miracle.

The process is very proactive and one must be willing to continue the ball rolling at home, but the treatment is very real and very successful.


Jackie Mears

Naples, FL ​​

I was referred to Patti Reed 3 years ago. I had been strength training for 5 years prior to that and had begun to experience chronic muscular pain and tension that was not going away. Patti was able to identify several postural defects and muscle imbalances that were not only interfering with my training but were actually becoming more pronounced by it.


She has taught me how to recognize where the pain is coming from and how to eliminate it. My posture and my awareness of it have all improved and much of the pain I came to her with is gone.  

The best thing about working with and learning from Patti is I almost always leave my appointment with a new tool and she makes the learning process fun.  Her dedication to her craft and her clients is evident in the results and I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with her.

Pam Bowes

Naples, FL

From a super tight feeling in my a welcomed release...Patty leads us into bliss...Thank you Patti.


Diana Giorge (Yoga instructor)

Naples, FL

Patti and her methods have changed my life forever. I was told by so many Doctors that I would have pain the rest of my life and that I needed surgery. Though I found a chiropractor who helped temporarily, Patti was able to teach me how to help myself with body rolling and stretching permanently.


Not only is the process physically rewarding, the emotional and spiritual release that comes with daily practice is monumental. I still occasionally have pain caused by a multitude of activities, but I am always able to apply Patti’s techniques to help my body realign, rejuvenate, and heal. Try it and let it change your life too!



Naples, FL

Hi Patti,


Just wanted to thank you again for working on my back for me at such a short notice. When I got home I was still sore. Yesterday I noticed a big improvement and today is better yet!! Yesterday and today I was able to take 4 mile walks without any problems.

Thanks again!



I keep wondering how I survived before I met you.  Had done a pool workout Sunday and with the Super Bowl, forgot to roll...and oh boy, was my back killing me Monday morning.  And of course, it was my psoas....and so I continue to realize that every time I exercise, when I roll after, I feel terrific.  It's no wonder I was such a MESS when I first came to see you given how many years and how hard I had exercised with NO relief. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!


Big grateful hugs....



Naples, FL

Patti is not only knowledgeable and well-versed, but intuitive and warm. Just after our first private session together I felt lighter, brighter and most importantly, hopeful. Highly recommend.


Elizabeth Hart

Naples, FL

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