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Yamuna® Body Rolling Class
*Private sessions only at this time*
 1) Please wear tight fitting, non-slip clothes
2) Bring water

In a Yamuna® Body Rolling class one learns to work on each part of the body, rolling the appropriate ball from the buttocks to the calf; from the tail bone up to the skull; from the abdomen up to the collar bone; from the collar bone out to the shoulder joint; and so on. Everywhere you have muscle connecting from one place to the next; this is the path along which Yamuna® Body Rolling takes you.
Yamuna® Body Rolling gives you the ability to “work on yourself ” anytime, anywhere, forever.

If you haven’t experienced Yamuna® body rolling this is your chance!

Its AMAZING fitness program like NO other!

A Ball is just a Ball without the right education!

 Empowering self release technique benefits:
 1) Enhances body awareness
 2) Great for trouble shooting problem areas
 3) Eliminates tension and restrictions
 4) Eliminates most aches and pains
 5) Stimulates circulation
 6) Stimulates bone
 7) Creates space in the body
 8) Stimulates organ health
 9) Relaxes nervous system
10)  Enhances awareness of breath
11) Increases lung capacity
12) Opens blocked energy
13) Balances and gives a sense of well being
14) Improves posture
15) Aligns the spine
16) Opens hips
17) Removes congestion in abdominal region
18) Breaks up adhesions and scar tissue
19) Improves flexibility
20)  Improves core strength
21) Enhances performance in all other sports, and activities
COME AND EXPERIENCE THE AMAZING RESULTS with certified Yamuna® trained instructor!

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