In a nutshell :When bodies have pain they could be missing a  little known self recovery technique to realign and open space to a neutral, more youthful structure. a combo of Body Rolling, self-myo fascial release, AIS Stretching, and Trigger Point Therapy is the answer that worked for me.
You know the saying....
I don't want to give you a fish,
I want to teach you how to fish.
This will change your life! Allow me to teach you how!
We take our bodies, as they are, with faulty structural patterns that have developed over years from repetitive movements from career patterns and stress and with out addressing the underlying structure, we then lift weights and engage in other similar activities. Without addressing the underlying structure first, this type of additional activity can lead to chronic pain and degenerative joints and low functioning organs due to restrictions and compression!
To build muscle on this structure that is compressed and has Fascial tissue  that is pulling our structure out of alignment is dangerous and aging to our bodies joints and nervous system and organs.
Hi, my name is Patti Reed. I am the owner of Intuitive Movement.
I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Medical Massage Therapist, Fully Trained in Trigger Point Therapy, Certified Yamuna Body Rolling instructor, Active Isolated Stretching trained, and Level 3 Rossiter Stretching Certified coach.
I offer a unique blend of modalities, designed to educate and empower individuals to increase their body awareness. I have learned that we must have a fascia and muscular recovery program in place to offset the daily stresses and/or workouts asked of our bodies.
I have blended these techniques to help myself through my own struggles with postural distortions and pain due to occupational, repetitive movements, hard workouts and underlying emotional blockages, which has created a lot of empathy in me.  I have a personal experience and understanding, of being adopted,
Surviving cancer and loss by suicide, to name a few. If you need to move through emotions, which can be locked in your tissue, I can hold space for you in a kind and loving way.
Since 1999 I have shared my passion of the things that have worked for me with my clients. I would love to have the chance to help facilitate your healing too.
Many of the techniques I use come from a blending of modalities including:

1) Self-Trigger Point therapy
2) Self-Myofascial  release
3) Yamuna Body Rolling (And other release tools)
4) Active Isolated Stretching
5) Rossiter System
6) Functional Movement Screen corrective exercise.
7) Swiss ball exercises
8) Breath and meditation 
9) Awareness and grounding
10) Non- violent Communication

By blending these techniques we will address and correct, muscle and fascia restrictions and adhesions, referral pain and dysfunction, body awareness limitations, breathing techniques, asymmetries, and dysfunctional movement patterns.

You will improve your posture, increase your range of motion, and develop core strength.

You will also gain the ability to safely engage, and enhance your performance, in all other activities

  • Taking your postural pictures (please request, VERY REVEALING)
  • Complete postural and structural evaluation
  • Goals and progression of your personal treatment plan
  • Re-education, video snippets of our sessions and homework to improve your life!
  •  $125 per hour for Body Rolling, AIS Stretching
  •  $135 to $150 per hour for manual Rossiter 
      (Blend of both will be charged accordingly)
Office Location- 1032 Goodlette-Frank Rd. Naples Fl. 34102
Sessions can run as long as you need to feel complete for the day.
Article from Natural Awakenings:
Yamuna Body Rolling
by Linda Sechrist
     Personal experience ignited Patti Reed’s passion for preventing pain and undoing the damage done by many of today’s fitness regimens. An Ace Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Intuitive Movement, Reed lived with a great deal of pain that resulted from years of repetitive movements she performed daily in her dog grooming business and personal weightlifting routine. After she began working with a cutting-edge physical therapist, that integrated myofascial release and trigger point therapy into her work, Reed’s body began to respond gradually to being stretched over a foam roller and exercise ball. “My body was a real mess but I really looked good because I had worked out three hours every day at the gym. Unknowingly, repetitive movements had impacted my muscular structure and unfortunately, my trainer didn’t know about doing a full postural analysis before developing my body building routines. As I eventually learned, this is a major mistake because a trainer needs to know your range of motion for all the muscles in the body in order to develop a routine that doesn’t do damage,” explains Reed.
     Extensive personal research provided Reed with ways that she could expand on the stretching techniques recommended by the physical therapist. Ultimately she found an arsenal of self-release tools including Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR), a powerful self-fixing and maintaining tool, which she began using in her self-care routine. “I took the YBR classes and became a certified YBR Practitioner. In 2001, I became a Medical Massage Therapist and took classes from Aaron Mattes, whose Mattes Method of active isolated stretching is recognized worldwide for treating pain. All of this helped me to understand how my body’s muscular system works, what muscles to release and stretch, as well as in what order,” notes Reed, who offers group and private YBR sessions.
     Everyone, regardless of age or physical limitations, can benefit from YBR, which organizes the body and brings all the parts back to working the way they should and can be. In a YBR class, individuals learn to work on each part of the body, rolling the ball, which is appropriately sized and firmed, from the buttocks to the calf; from the tail bone up to the skull; from the abdomen up to the collar bone; from the collar bone out to the shoulder joint; and so on. “YBR, which gives individuals the opportunity to work on themselves, develops a sense of empowerment because they can free their body of restrictions and eliminate stress and tension anytime, anywhere, forever,” says Reed.