Before & After Photos



  • You can see the body is rotated inward and shortened in towards the hips and center of the body.

  • The chest is pulled down from the front line of the body's fascia that starts at the pubic bone and continues down the legs.

  • You can see in the side posture, her only option to try to stand upright is to lift her chin, a compensation, the only thing that can lift in this locked down posture. The pull of the connective tissue down ward is so stRong she can't just lift out of it. 


  • Re-education to break body patterns and learning the proper form of rolling and stretching on a regular basis her posture was greatly improved!

  • This is a very common posture . As we live our lives forward and in front of ourselves. 

  • This posture indicates tight Psoas, Quads, Pecs, SCM and Gastroc (all the muscles in the front of the body) pulling short and the connective tissue is locked short in the front of the body. Which ultimately throws the entire body of connective tissue and muscular system in to dysfunctional movement patterns.

  • All too often people complain of back and neck pain in this posture and therapists tend to work where the pain is, instead of where the dysfunction is coming from, which is the front of the body first. Unlocking sequence is important.












These are before and after pictures of Wendy. She has completed a 14 week training program. Changes will continue as she progresses with her own work.  


Patti has transformed my life.  


Pain is a great motivator and having suffered sleepless nights being woken up by pain, I finally called Patti who has changed my life.  Her personal one on one tuition has allowed focus on my specific issues and I am amazed at how fast results have been achieved. Her methods give you the tools to be pain free for life.    One of the most helpful thing she does is have you make a video of the ‘correct’ way to roll when working on a specific area and includes all the little details which make a huge difference to the results.   The videos allow you to roll along with them or (once you know the routine) give a great referral back for specific details to deal with any particular problem area. Initially it is hard work to loosen up years of tight fascia and muscles but if you are disciplined and roll daily, the results are truly awesome.    It is amazing to see how quickly your body can change after years of bad posture and it is so easy to forget how good it feels to be pain free and able to move with ease. I cannot thank Patti enough and am forever grateful for the gift of being healthy once again and giving me the tools to remain so for life!



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