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Yoga Before & After

Body Rolling and Yoga!


  • Body Rolling is the quickest way to create space back into your body!

  • It expands space for organ function and space in the joints for best range of motion possible!

  • Takes yoga poses to a whole new level!

  • Calms and relaxes the nervous system.

  • Helps focus breath and awareness by breathing into the area where the ball is being worked at different points in the body.


If you are having restrictions in opening into a pose use a ball to open the space (always go lower than you think you need to).



Tight back?

  • Learn to release your feet, calves, IT band, and hamstrings with the balls and foot gear and try your pose again!


Stuck in your progress?

  • Learn to use a ball to release your quads, psoas, and chest. Then try your poses!


~Always balance strength with flexibilty~

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