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Private Sessions

I say...
"You will never realize how tight your fascial restrictions are, until you feel how open and balanced you can become."
"Getting back to neutral feels like the fountain of youth!!"
What to expect:
  • The sessions are individual and personalized.  
  • A blend of many modalities are used according to
      your specific needs.
  • I will meet you where you are in your journey.
This work is for you if:
  1) You are highly motivated to do a practice on your own.
  2) You choose to be totally empowered! 

1) Self-Trigger Point therapy
2) Self-Myofascial release
3) Yamuna Body Rolling (And other release tools)
4) Active Isolated Stretching
5) Rossiter work out system
6) Functional Movement Screen corrective exercise.
7) Swiss ball exercises
8) Breath and meditation
9) Awareness of patterns 
10) Somatic experiencing
  • By blending these techniques we will address and correct, muscle and fascia restrictions and adhesions, referral pain and dysfunction, body awareness limitations, breathing techniques, asymmetries, and dysfunctional movement patterns.
  • You will improve your posture, Increase your range of motion, develop core strength and gain awareness of deeply held patterns.
  • You will also gain the ability to safely engage, and enhance your performance, in all other activities.
  • Since emotional, spiritual and physical can not be separated.
      This work can be taken to very deep levels of healing.

1) Taking your postural pictures (VERY REVEALING)
2) Complete postural and structural evaluation
3) Goals and progression of your personal treatment plan
4) Begin Reeducation
5) Personalized VIDEO SNIPPETS for building a self-care library, 
   recorded in every session! Never forget what you've learned!
         This is approximately a 4 month to 1 1/2 year program,
        Depending on the depth that you would like to take this work.
  • 2 to 2-1/2 hr appointment weekly commitment, to have all the empowering education and information to care for your body FOREVER!
  • Tuneups are available upon request
  • $150 per hour for Body Rolling, AIS Stretching, and Education
     (Includes building your video library of self care)
  • $175 per hour for manual Rossiter and Trigger Point. I do limited manual work as needed, blended into our session. The price will be adjusted for blended sessions.
Call (239) 649-0814 to schedule an appointment
Appointments in my office Monday -Friday
I only see 1-2 people a day which gives you the freedom to go as long as needed to feel complete in your session. I'm finding this is very honoring for my clients

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